Caver and Cave Leader Training - caveclimb May 2017

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Single Rope Techniques (SRT) are an essential skill for cave exploration
Our SRT training area

Caver Training

We offer a comprehensive range of caver training solutions.  You may be new to caving or you may have taken on the responsibility of a club training officer - either way we have training options for you or your new members.  It may be a two day foundation course or a single day training in basic ropework - whatever your needs we have the expertise and experience required.


Single rope techniques are the most efficient way to get up and down in a cave with vertical descents and are an essential skill for the serious caver.  There's no substitute for learning this technique with an expert and Andy Sparrow has been training cavers in SRT for well over 20 years.  We can offer a whole package with our retail service and indoor training area.  Take a look at our retail website to get a fuller picture of our specialist service.

Our SRT training is flexible and intended to suit the needs of the trainee.  We can progress from our training area to outdoor venues before going underground.  You may be starting from scratch or need some coaching to deal with the most technical rigging - whichever we will make sure you get exactly the tuition you need.


Our indoor training area is ideal for learning the principles of SRT rigging in a comfortable and safe environment.  You will learn about different types of anchors and the variety of knots which all have their particular function.  Once you are rigging fluently in the training area we can consider the best cave to visit to allow you to try the real thing.

SRT Problems, Emergencies and Rescue

These techniques are invaluable in a range of situations.  It may be improvising equipment when something vital has been lost, it could be assisting an exhausted companion to get up a long pitch, or it might even be a life-threatening emergency where you are the only possible rescuer.  Our training area has been designed with these techniques in mind.


If you buy SRT kit from our Cheddar caving equipment shop you can have one hour for free!  We open on Saturdays and at other times (including Sundays and evenings) by arrangement. After that it's £20
per person per hour or £100 per person per day.

For more information, bookings or enquiries please telephone 01934 741623 or email us


Andy Sparrow is a British Caving Association registered trainer and assessor for the Local Cave/Mine Leader Assessment scheme (LCMLA). Details of this scheme including the syllabus can be obtained from the BCA Training Officer. For further information visit the British Caving Association web site.

Training Courses

Candidates are normally required to attend a two day training course before attending an assessment day. These courses run regularly throughout the year and special dates can be arranged for groups of 3 or more cavers. The training courses are extremely useful for any caver, especially those taking responsibility for others. All interested cavers are welcome whether or not they wish to complete the assessment process.
A standard level 1 training course covers the following topics- cave formation, personal clothing and equipment, basic ropework, hazards, hypothermia plus responsibilities and techniques of leadership.

Please enquire for course dates.


A standard two day training course for level one or two is £120 per person.  Assessment charges vary according to the number of candidates and whether the assessment is booked on a weekend rather than midweek day.

Please visit the
BCA website for more information about the LCMLA scheme.

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