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Our Product Range

The products listed here are usually in stock, but you might like to check availabilty with us before you visit our shop.  We are very happy to explain the features and benefits of each product.  If you are buying vertical equipment ask to see Andy who is a nationally qualified caving and climbing instructor.  Use our indoor training area to try and compare products before you buy.  

We open to suit you -contact us to arrange your visit.

Our system for processing online sales has changed.  Please use this sales enquiry form , or call us on 01934 741623 to make an order.  

costs vary according to the order and will be included in our quote

Discounts - the more items you order the more discount we can offer.  Use the sales enquiry form and we will send you a quote.

Warmbac Cordura Oversuit

This rugged oversuit is ideal for general caving. The Cordura is hard wearing and water resistant. The suit has an inner velcro secured pocket containing an attachable waterproof hood and another smaller pocket, again with velcro closure, conveniently situated on the upper arm.

Sizes XS - XXXL  Please ask advice on sizing


Warmbac Lightweight Oversuit

Am extremely comfortable lightweight oversuit with a fully waterproof membrane. Comes with internal and external pockets and detachable hood. Less robust than the cordura version but a delight to cave in.

Sizes XS - XXXL  Please ask advice on sizing


Warmbac Fleece Undersuit

Fleece undersuits are designed to keep you warm underground even after immersion in water. The materials drains quickly and wicks moisture away from the skin.
COLOUR MAY VARY - please contact us if you would like a specific colour.

Sizes XS - XXXL  Please ask advise on sizing



A combination of Wetsuit and Fleece undersuit featuring 3mm double lined neoprene body with fleece arms and legs. It also incorporates knee and elbow pads with neoprene inserts for ultimate protection. It can be used as an alternative undersuit for trips that involve prolonged or repeated immersion. Men's sizes 38", 40" & 42" are usually in stock. Women's and other sizes can be ordered - delivery time average 10 days.


Warmbac Long Neoprene Socks

Highly recommended long socks with left and right profiles. The increased length helps water to stay trapped inside keeping your feet very warm. Colours may vary.

Sizes 4 - 12


Warmbac Short Neoprene Socks

Well made comfortable short neoprene socks with left and right profiles. Colours may vary.

Sizes 4 - 12


Warmbac Square Buckle Belt

Webbing belt with double square buckle. Intended for caving use.


Warmbac Roller Bar Belt

Easy adjust belt intended for caving use.


Warmabc Elbow Pads

Available as pull-on or adjustable in nylon lined neoprene or 'Warmtex' coated for greater durability and longevity.

Standard pull-on £17.00
Standard adjustable £19.00
Warmtex pull-on £26.00
Warmtex adjustable £28.00

Warmbac Knee Pads

Available as pull-on or adjustable in nylon lined neoprene or 'Warmtex' coated for greater durability and longevity.

Standard pull-on £24.00
Standard adjustable £26.00
Warmtex pull-on £39.00
Warmtex adjustable £42.00

Warmbac Neoprene Hood

Warmbac 2.5 mm neoprene hood.
Sizes - small, medium or large.


Warmbac Personal Bag

Compact simple bag designed to attach to a belt (karabiner required). Colour may vary.


Warmbac Riggers Bag

A handy small bag for personal kit with a range of great features, including internal pocket.  
Colour may vary


Warmbac 100 Metre Bag

Large capacity bag will carry up to 100 metres of 10.5mm rope. Well designed with many useful features. Colours may vary.


Warmbac 40 Metre Bag

A made for caving bag with great features. Carries up to 40 metres of 10.5mm rope. Colours may vary.


Petzl Boreo Helmet

Durable and versatile helmet with reinforced protection for climbing,
mountaineering and caving.  Sizes S/M or M/L.  Colour may vary.


Petzl Elia

For anyone with a pony tail - the perfect helmet!


Petzl Pixa 1

Tough waterproof single
LED light with good duration - ideal as a caver's back-up.   60 Lumens.


Petzl Pixa 2

Tough and immersible single LED light.
80 Lumens.


Petzl Pixa 3

Robust and waterproof light with three lighting levels.
100 lumens.


Petzl Myo

Robust and reliable headtorch from Petzl with an impressive 300+ lumen output.     


Petzl Fractio Harness

Caving specific h
arness with adjustable waist strap for greater comfort. Available in two sizes.

You can use our training area to try this product.


Petzl Torse

Chest strap for SRT use.  Connects harness to Croll jammer.


Petzl Superavanti Harness

Basic caving harness. In two sizes.

You can use our training area to try this product.


Semi-Circular Maillon Rapide (steel)

Essential for safe and correct closure of a caving harness


Petzl Croll

Lightweight compact ascender for body or chest mounting.


Petzl Ascension

Handled jammer for SRT and other applicatons. Available in left hand (black) or right hand (yellow).


Petzl Basic

Lightweight and compact jammer suitable for SRT and other applications.


Petzl Pantin

Foot mounted jammer for SRT. Makes progress up the rope quicker and more efficient. Available in right or left foot.


Petzl Simple

Single rope descender ideal for SRT.


Petzl Stop

Autolocking single rope descender.  Available to order but normally kept in stock because most cavers prefer the Simple.


Petzl Micro Traxion

The MICRO TRAXION is an ultra-light (85 g), ultra-compact progress-capture pulley that is exceptionally efficient (91 %) thanks to its sealed ball bearings. The cam can be locked in open position so the device can be used as a simple pulley.


DMM Aero (bent gate)

Curved gate snap-link suitable for cowstails.


DMM Aero (straight gate)

Alloy snap-link suitable for cowstails.



Alloy screw gate large radius karabiner ideal for Italian Hitch belaying.


DMM Boa HMS (steel)

Ideal for use in the muddy and gritty cave environment.


DMM Aero Screw Gate

Alloy screw gate karabiner.


Petzl OK Oval

Alloy screw-gate oval karabiner


Petzl Freino

Ingenious twist gate karabiner specifically designed for descender attachment.  An alternative to using a seperate braking karabiner.


7mm Maillon Rapide

Compact, inexpensive and very strong connector. Very useful for rigging SRT routes in vertical caves. Steel.


Pre-tied Cowstails

Tied in 10.2 mm dynamic rope with optimum length for SRT changeovers. The knots have been systematically loaded to ensure that there is no danger of loosening or stretching. With two DMM Aero snap-gate karabiners - one a curved-gate in gray, the other a straight gate in silver. This enables the long and short cowstail karabiner to be identified at a glance, or by feel alone.


Pre-Tied Footloop & Safety Connection

Pre-tied footloop and safety connection using 8mm cord. The small overhand knot at one end connects to the central maiilon of the harness. The overhand knot in the middle connects to the upper (hand) jammer. The footloop is tied using a bowline knot to allow easy and precise adjustment.


Petzl CLUB 10 mm

Semi-static 10 mm diameter rope designed for caving and canyoning, offers good handling and great durability.

£1.40 per metre

The Complete Caving Manual by Andy Sparrow

Essential information for new cavers.  Explains how caves are formed, the equipment used for their exploration, hazards and how to minimise them.  


Speleo Vertical by Andy Sparrow

Fully comprehensive and fully indexed DVD manual of caving ropework.  Covers everything from simple handlines to SRT rescue.


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