Full Day Caving - caveclimb May 2017

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Goatchurch is a dry cave with optional squeezes
Goatchurch has some attractive flowstone formations

Full Day Caving

This full day caving session
is ideal for anyone who has never ventured into the exciting world of cave exploration.  The level of difficulty depends upon the group - for younger children it can be quite gentle, for keen adults we can make it very challenging!  You will be kitted up in a special caving oversuit and equipped with a helmet, light and caver's belt.  Wellington boots complete the outfit which we can also supply for you.  After a briefing from your instructor you will set off on the short walk to the entrance of the first cave.  

Goatchurch Cavern
is the ideal venue for most beginners groups. It is dry and offers the choice of an inviting walk-in entrance or a more exciting rope-slide alternative.  The cave is quite a maze which means there are routes suitable for all abilities.  Keen cavers can wriggle through the 'Superman Squeeze' while the less adventurous take a more spacious route. The trip will start gently with walking size passages where you will see cave formations and maybe a sleeping bat. As your confidence grows the instructor will gradually introduce you to more challenging routes involving crawls, slides and scrambles. You will see spacious chambers and strange rock formations in the secret world of the underground.

Your trip into Goatchurch will last about one and a half hours.  After a break for lunch we re-locate 6 miles to the historic village of Priddy and our second cave:

Swildon's Hole
is the longest cave system of the Mendip Hills with over 9 kilometres of passages.   The manhole entrance into rushing water can appear slightly daunting but beyond are spectacular waterfalls and large caverns filled with fabulous stalactite formations. You will get wet in this cave as you negotiate the many cascades and waterchutes.

- we usually meet at 10.00, have lunch from 12.45 to 13.30 and then drive to Priddy to reach Swildon's at about 14.00.  The day finishes about 16.30.

Group size is usually a maximum of 8 but we can provide additional instructors to take additional groups.  Our maximum capacity is 40 persons.

Ages - youth groups from 8 years old, but younger children can participate in dedicated family sessions.

Booking - you can use our online booking form or, if you would like more information, please  email us or telephone 01934 741623.

Prices - please see our prices page.

 - visit our  Frequently Asked Questions page.

Formations in Swildon's Hole
Swildon's Hole - The Long Dry Way
Waterfall descent in Swildon's Hole
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