Caving and Climbing Day - caveclimb May 2017

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This video features both the cave options available for the Caving and Climbing Day
Burrington Combe
Climbing on the Beginners Slabs
Climbing at Split Rock
Swildon's Hole is an active waterway

Caving & Climbing Day

This full day caving and climbing session
is full of adventure and challenge. There are two possible caves, and two possible climbing venues.   For beginners to both activities we recommend both the caving and climbing to be done at Burrington Combe.  Goatchurch Cavern at Burrington is the perfect introductory cave, ideal for both adults and children.  The climbing in Burrington Combe is excellent, providing a good range of climbs and vary levels of difficulty.  One advantage of this locationis the close proximity of public toilets and the Burrington Inn (good food, reasonably priced).   

The alternative venues are Swildon's Hole, the famous wet cave system near at Priddy, and Split Rock, near Wells, for those who may have climbed previously at Burrington.

Contact us to discuss the ideal venue combination for your group.

- we usually meet at 10.00, have lunch from 13.00 - 14.45.   The day finishes about 16.30.

Group size is usually a maximum of 8 but we can provide additional instructors to take additional groups.  Our maximum capacity is 40 persons.

Ages - youth groups from 8 years old, but younger children can participate in dedicated family sessions.

Booking - you can use our online booking form or, if you would like more information, please email us or telephone 01934 741623.

Prices - please see our prices page.

Queries?  - visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

The hidden beauty of the underground awaits you!
Topping out at Burrington Combe
Wriggling through one of the smaller passages of Goatchurch Cavern
Burrington Combe offers climbs to suit every level
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