Advanced Caving - caveclimb May 2017

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Swildon's Hole to Sump 1 - a classic UK caving trip
Spectacular formations in Swildon's Hole

Advanced Caving Sessions

The Mendip Hills is one of the major caving arears of the UK, offering many diverse systems, each with their own character.   One of the most popular caving trips in the area is the classic descent to Sump 1 in Swildon's Hole.   This session is available to physically able customers with some previous caving experience.   In addition to the usual equipment we will supply fleece undersuits and neoprene socks.  The descent to Sump 1 is over half mile long and descends over 400 feet.  At one point a 7 metre vertical waterfall must be descended by wire ladder.  The passages are generally spacious and spectacularly adorned with stalactite formations.  When you reach the sump you have the option of diving through!  It's a total submersion for about one metre.  Beyond is more extensive passage, very atmospheric as the stream winds along under a series of sweeping rock arches.

There are many other caves in the Mendip region that can be used for suitably experienced groups.  We can offer a progressive program to customers who want to build to their experience and develop skills as they progress.

We can also run sessions in Devon and South Wales.

Group size depends upon the selected cave.  For Swildon's to sump 1 we prefer to limit groups to a maximum of six, but we can provide additional instructors to take a second group.  

Ages - For Swildon's to Sump 1 over 14 years.  Other venues will vary.

Booking -  email us or telephone 01934 741623.

Prices - Priced as a full day(double) session.  Please see our prices page.

Queries?  - visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Trips to caves in Wales are an option
Barnes Loop in Swildon's Hole
Traversing the Double Pots in Swildon's Hole
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