Caving, Climbing & Abseiling Sessions - caveclimb May 2017

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Which adventure will you choose?
All our venues offer variations allowing us to offer a level of difficulty to suit you!  
We pride ourselves on getting it 'just right' to suit the customer.
For more information visit our FAQ page.

Half Day Caving
Half Day Abseil
Half Day Climbing

Caving!  There's a whole new world down there!  Mazes of passages, dark halls, crashing waterfalls and incredible formations.  It's fun too!  Nature's adventure playground awaits you.  An unforgettable experience. More information

Abseiling! Have you got the nerve to take on this vertical challenge? You have to trust your gear completely as you lean back over the void, but once you are on your way the fun begins.
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Climbing! Do you have the skill to balance on tiny rock ledges and solve the puzzle of the next step up? And can you trust your friends to operate your safety rope? Have you got the head for heights to overcome the challenge and reach the top?
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Full Day Caving
Full Day Caving & Climbing
Full Day Caving & Abseiling

Caving! Two caves in one day, each with their own character and challenges.  Begin with the slides and scrambles of Goatchurch Cavern and then progress to the waterfalls and stalactite caverns of the famous Swildon's Hole. A full day of adventure and fascination.
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Caving and Climbing!  This is a really popular combination, ideal for young people who want to experience  adventure activities for the first time.  There's guaranteed to be a buzz in the air after this rich variety of challenges and environments. Highly recommended.  More information.

Caving and Abseiling!  From one extreme to the other!  Scrambling and wriggling through the mysterious world of caves in the morning and then up on the high cliffs in the afternoon.  This day out is a great introduction to adventure activities and a chance to enjoy the beauty of the Mendip Hills both above and below ground.  More information.

Full Day Climbing & Abseiling
Advanced Caving Sessions
Charity Abseils

Climbing and abseiling!  Half a morning of climbing  at the venue of your choice followed by an afternoon of abseiling.   The climbing routes are challenging!  Nothing too difficult about the abseil but it really does feel like a long way down when you lean back over that void.  
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For returning customers, those with some caving experience, or fit and adventurous newcomers.  The Mendip Hills are one of the premier caving regions of the UK offering a great wealth of challenges.  Caving is our speciality!  Come and see what the underground world has to offer.
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Trying to raise money for a good cause?  Charity abseils can raise significant funds through sponsorship.  We can run an event at one of regular venues or we set up from your local churchor other suitable buildings.  We can even contrive a zip-wire if the venue is suitable.
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